Top 5 Wedding Gift Ideas

The Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Any Couple You’re invited to a wedding—what should you get the happy couple? Consider one of these top wedding gift ideas. These recommendations can be tailored to any couple’s interests and are sure to make them smile. 1. Money Yes, it’s true; while it may seem impersonal or uncreative, money […]

Do I Have to Buy a Wedding Gift?

Buying a Wedding Gift Isn’t as Daunting as It Seems Upon receiving an invitation to a wedding, you may have come across mention of a gift registry and wondered what you were going to get as a wedding gift, let alone if it is optional. Are Wedding Gifts Required? It is possible that you are […]

10 Classic Wedding Gifts That Literally Every Couple Appreciates

Classics are classic for a reason — you’ll love these as much as your mom and grandma did. These days, engaged couples can register for their wildest desires, from things like corsets which help losing weight to a down payment on their first home and everything in between. And “everything in between” seems to consist of literally […]

10 Cheap and Easy DIY Wedding Gifts I’m Making for Every Bride on My List

A toaster. A set of plates. Some bath towels. If you’re attending the wedding of close friends or family members, chances are you don’t want to get them some impersonal household item. But you also don’t want to spend a ton of money OR give a gift that doesn’t have meaning. So, the obvious answer: Make something. And the tough […]

6 Home Appliances That Would Best Fit as Wedding Gift

Weddings are a perfect moment to reunite with our loved ones, have fun, and show them just how much they mean to us. They are also a time of tough choices when it comes to quite a few things — and presents are one of them.    Ran out of wedding gift ideas? Want to […]

5 Fantastic Facts Why Nesting Dolls Are Popular

Russian nesting dolls, which are flawlessly painted wooden dolls set inside each other, have turned out to be so instilled with Russian culture that they have become one of its most prominent symbols. As a matter of fact, Russia is imagined by many as either a big village of dolls, or a big island of […]

7 Bracelet Styles That Will Change Your Life

In order to find the perfect model of a woman’s bracelet, it is important to know first the style of the person who will wear it. It is also advisable to observe the type of wrist she has. Indeed, a thin wrist will favor creative bracelets while those who are more impressive are recommended for […]

Squishy Collecting 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

If you already got one squishy, you know that it’s impossible to stay on just one. However, if you still didn’t get that first one, this is the perfect chance to do so. But, we’re warning you, you won’t be able to resist them! Either way, once you own one, you’ll want to start collecting […]