What are the factors that are to be considered in buying wedding gifts?

  • -Relationship of you to bride and groom (I.e. more for child, god child, niece or nephew)
  • -Did you need to travel to the wedding
  • -What you can comfortable afford (i.e if you are an administrative assistant vs a CEO)
  • -Formality of wedding
  • -Wealth of couple (are they young and struggling vs established attorneys)
  • -Location of wedding
  • -First or second wedding

Is it mandatory to take a gift while attending a wedding?

It’s not mandatory but in keeping with good etiquette to bring a gift that is within your own financial means. Generally most couples will register at a few different retail venues listing the items that they need/want to start their new lives and in the absence of this I perceive that the bride and groom prefer a gift of money.

What are some ideas for affordable wedding gifts?

It kinda depends on a few things. First of all how much you are willing to pay. See it’s not about the expensive gifts it’s all about utility of it. If you bought him/her an expensive gift but it’s not useful then the money will go to waste. On the contrary, if the gift is something useful then he will remember you every second which is the basic intention of gift-giving.

When choosing a gift, always give something that is useful and is somewhat related to your recipients’ hobbies. Gifts him/her attractive Gifts items. Some Personalized Gifts or Fresh Flowers with their favorite Cake Flavour.

What can be the best gift for my elder brother’s wedding?

Look for something that will be useful. Don’t buy any product which he wont make use of, otherwise he will not appreciate the gift you bought for him.

Buy something that he likes, if he likes classy watches, you get him an affordable classy wrist watch you can find. If it’s shoes you get him shoes, wait but he has more shoes, more watches? Then look for something that goes with shoes, watches or what ever that he likes

Buy him something durable, he will use it for long and also remember you with it. I remember someone bought a watch for my sister and the first time she worn it, the watch disassembled from her wrist and the parts fell down.

Don’t waste all your money on buying the gift, buy something you can afford. Don’t buy to impress, a gift is a gift.

What are some examples of bad wedding gifts?

Bad wedding gifts are one a million. There are a lot of people who get you generic stuff and don’t think twice about their usefulness. There are even people who’ll gift you used items. The only practical solution to avoid getting bad wedding gifts is to create a wedding gift registry.

Gift a perfect wedding gift is a bit of a hassle. That’s why wedding gift registries are a boon. Albeit here are few wedding gifts to avoid giving :

  • -Sexist gifts
  • -Religious gifts
  • -Puppy/ Pets
  • -Assorted Tableware
  • -Wild/ Boho Decor items

Hope this helps!