Squishy Collecting 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

If you already got one squishy, you know that it’s impossible to stay on just one. However, if you still didn’t get that first one, this is the perfect chance to do so. But, we’re warning you, you won’t be able to resist them! Either way, once you own one, you’ll want to start collecting them, and here’s what you need to know about that.

If you start with a dog squishy, pretty soon you’ll want a cat to keep it company. If you get a bunny, a carrot will be a logical addition, and before you notice, you’ll have a collection.

But, squishy collecting has its own unique rules and language. That’s why we made a Collector’s Guide for you.

If you want to be a collector, here’s what you need to know.

*Rare items

Although each squishy is absolutely adorable and totally squishable, not every squishy is equally easy to get. As the popularity of these interesting toys grows, and they keep spreading from Japan to Hong Kong, the US, Canada, and Europe, people start showing more and more interest in those hard-to-obtain squishies. Some squishies are common, and you can get them everywhere, while others are as rare as the Holy Grail.

But, how can you tell which squishy is ordinary, and which one is the sweet-scented squishable crown jewel of any collection?

You see, squishies are made in hard metal or hard plastic molds. One mold can be used for thousands of squishies in one shape, but different colors and scents.

For instance, Sanrio, the Hello Kitty parent company, made a doughnut squishy with cat ears, as one of their first models. When these sold out, and they did so very quickly, they made a second batch, but in a new color. And while both are cute, the first batch is considered to be rare, because they were part of a small test run.

Many factors may affect a squishy’s status. Whether a squishy is rare or common depends on the size, brand, color, scent, and a lot more.

Rising speed

Fast-rising squishies are fun, but slow-rising ones are collectors’ favorites. Squishies that take more time to get back into their original shape, aka slow risers, are much more popular than the regular ones.

Many people feel that watching a squishy rise and regain its original form slowly is incredibly relaxing. It’s just as therapeutic as squishing this fun toy in the first place.

Squishy racing is also a popular activity – put 2,3 or more squishies in line, squeeze them all at the same time, and see which one will regain its shape the fastest.

Start collecting today!

Collecting squishies is a fun hobby for literally anyone. You can start quickly, even this instant, and then slowly build your collection. In time, you’ll know exactly which scents are available, which shapes exist, even which squishies are from the first edition – just by looking at them.

Pick out squishies you like the most, and start your new adorably squishable collection now!

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