What should you think of when looking for the best gift for a wedding

We can all agree that shopping for a wedding gift isn’t the easiest of tasks. In fact, it can be quite a nightmare if you want to branch out and not fall into the trap of cliché wedding gifts. It might be because all the good stuff is already taken by someone else, or you simply want to be original. Still, that’s not all — there’s also the issue of budget. The aim is to pick a gift that’s not cheap yet isn’t overkill. But a perfect wedding gift doesn’t have to be about the price at all. All you should worry about is making it special and one to remember.


Does this mean that you should purchase a vacuum cleaner or a TV set for the newlyweds? Or should you maybe go for a silver serving platter? Nope! Most couples live together already and have all those home appliances and items. After all, we’ve come a long way since The Great Depression, and such gifts are just lame and unoriginal. So, what should I buy, you might ask yourself? Well, before you go for anything, you first need to ask yourself a couple of questions from which ideas for wedding gifts will come about.

Event Appropriateness

Finding the best wedding gift is actually having a notebook with things to avoid. And as you cross each bullet point, you’ll eliminate each bad choice, coming to a perfect conclusion. So, the first thing you should be looking to avoid is inappropriate wedding gifts.


But what are these items? Well, the first ones we can think of are clocks. Aside from being a risk if you don’t have the same taste as the wedding couple, they are a bad omen in some cultures. They signal an expiry date, meaning their love won’t last for very long.


On the other hand, gift ideas for weddings shouldn’t be perishable. For example, flowers are great when going on a date with a girl, but they don’t work for weddings. The reason is that they won’t last longer than a day, and if you go for artificial ones, you’ll end up looking cheap.


Among inappropriate wedding-day gifts are also those that have something to do with kids. The couple might not be able to have them, or they simply don’t want children. Either way, a gift that would help them with children is inappropriate as it puts pressure on the couple.

Product Durability

Aside from appropriateness, it’s smart to think whether your gift will last more than a day or two. As such, the flowers we’ve mentioned aren’t something you should consider. They’ll die out before the couple gets to go on their honeymoon. But what are durable presents? Those with a guarantee note attached to them.


A great gift for any couple that’s durable and usable at the same time would be a coffee maker — for example, a fancy stainless-steel espresso machine. You won’t find it on any wedding registry list, but it’s something any couple can use. The same goes for BBQ sets or ice-cream makers. The only thing that matters is that the gift has a guarantee note.

Usage Frequency

Unlike anniversary gifts, marriage ones should be subject to frequent use. By that, we mean that your present shouldn’t be a vase that the married couple will place in the farthest corner of their home and never use again. Such gifts can definitely be nice, but if you want to make a lasting impact, yours should be of use frequently.


Gifts that are subject to frequent usage are mostly ones that revolve around the kitchen. A fine example would be a set of plates or some other crockery they can use every day when making meals. Then again, it doesn’t have to be food-related. It can be a cool Wi-Fi speaker that they can use to play music in their living room. Either way, it should be something for everyday use that’s practical and can last for a long time.


User Inclusivity

In case the newlyweds already have children, then you should forget what we’ve previously said about children and wedding gifts. You should, instead, be looking to buy something that’s inclusive for all family members, not just mom and dad. Of course, this isn’t an easy task by any means. It can be some board game, but does that really fit the concept of a wedding gift? It could, depending on who the newlyweds are.


In our eyes, the best idea for a wedding gift for couples with kids are tickets for national parks, museums, or classes. Aside from these places being perfect for both adults and kids alike, they provide the opportunity for kids to learn something new. That, in itself, says class more than any other kind of gift. Then again, you can also go for sets of toys, but ask yourself whether that’s something you’d want to bring over to a fancy wedding ceremony.

Why Should You Do It?

Why is any of this important, you might ask yourself. Isn’t any gift good enough if it’s bought with fine intentions? Well, it’s not really like that. Sure, no one should nitpick your gift and talk about it behind your back. That says more about them than you. However, if you’re really into helping the newlyweds, it’s important to present them with something practical and long-lasting that will make their joint new life easier.


On the flip side of things, marriage is an expensive affair. The cost of living is much higher these days than it was a couple of decades ago. And in case the couple has kids, well, it costs even more. Luckily, this is where friends are supposed to step in and help. And with a smart, durable, and inclusive present, you’ll be able to do just that. Therefore, consider all the factors that we’ve previously mentioned in the text, and your friends will count themselves lucky to consider you a guest at their wedding.